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MCO Airport Area


Tel: (407) 485-4325

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M-F: 8am - 8pm

Sat & Sun: Upon Request 

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****To all that do not know me yet, for the first time I was bit by one of my clients. I had to seek medical

attention and even though I have insurance, I paid out of pocket. I am fine and so is my client, needless to say we both feel bad. It has come to my attention that I must protect myself, as well as all of you. IF I SEEK

MEDICAL ATTENTION DUE TO AN ACCIDENT REGARDING YOUR PET, THE OWNER OF THE PET MUST COVER ALL COST REGARDING BILLS ONLY. This is not to gain any profit, but to protect the wellbeing of your privacy. If I use my insurance then there will be an investigation and a fine. Also, I must turn in all the information regarding your pet, your address, and your contact, not to mention your pet will be on a list as aggressive pet in your county. So, please help me help protect your family too.

Jessie Perez/ Pet Nanny

 Please contact to learn more 

Phone: (407) 485-4325


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