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Feeling  pet’s pain!!!

It is very common that people don't realize that pets also go through pain. In some ways, we tend to ignore it thinking that it would go away. Something simple because we humans don't realize what animals can't do for themselves. Take aspirin because of a headache or put some pain reliever on their foot or ankle pain, drink Pepto-Bismol because you have stomach pains.

It doesn't go away for you, and it doesn't go away for the animal. Especially that they didn't have the opportunity or the chance or the voice to say what hurts. There are a few things that you can notice right off the bat. With this list here we'll give you just a few ideas on what to look for when you think your pet is in pain:

Watery eyes lids under lids

Mucus coming out of their eyelids

Puffiness around the eyelids

Crusty under their eyes and around

Smelly ears / Dirty ears

Liquid coming out of their ears

Crusty nose

Anything around their nose and hanging out of their nose

Their teeth, gums, tongue, mouth area, something white yellow crusty

Colored paws / Stained paws

Lumps in their body

Rashes underneath their underarms and their legs

Lumps on top of their back, their skin should not be flaking.

Washing their leashes and collars

Cleaning dog poop in the backyard, all they do is step on it and it goes into their paws and it becomes more of a problem for the animal, they will lick they will step on everything and then walk back into your house and lick your face and lay on your bed.

Nails longer than they need to be will hurt them and eventually will grow bigger pain.

Cut and Dremel

Their private parts should not be leaking of any kind of green or white mucus

Should not be crusted, and this colored area eventually will get infected and more problems will build.

Their butt !!!! if you like a clean butt they like a clean butt in general, learn to wipe their butts so there is no crusted dog poop and no worms. If this is not done frequently it can all build up and become infected creating more problems later for your pet.

There are many ways of helping your pet have the best life ever. Fewer worries fewer doctor bills fewer headaches and fewer cleaning.

With this business I learned a lot of little things and details that people don't realize how much it would benefit them in the long run.

I'm here to teach and to help you to work together on taking care of your furry loved ones.

I'm not a professional, I've only learned from experience and that's the best way of learning. I take pride in what I do and what I say to make sure this is the best experience for all.

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