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Clinical Dog Examination

Pet Wellness

Besides annual vet visits, there are other things to look out for when it comes to your fur babies! It is difficult sometimes to know when our pet is feeling pain. They will hide their pain so we tend to ignore the little things we notice and hope that it will go away. We humans can forget that animals can't do for themselves. Like take aspirin because of a headache, put some pain cream on their foot or ankle, or drink Pepto-Bismol because they have stomach pains. There are a few things that you can notice right away. This list will provide some things to look out for:

  • Watery eyes lids under lids

  • Mucus coming out of their eyelids

  • Puffiness around the eyelids

  • Crusty under their eyes and around

  • Smelly ears / Dirty ears

  • Liquid coming out of their ears

  • Crusty nose

  • Anything around their nose and hanging out of their nose

  • Their teeth, gums, tongue, mouth area, should be pink

  • Colored paws / Stained paws

  • Lumps on their body

  • Rashes underneath their underarms and their legs

  • Lumps on top of their back, their skin should not be flaking

  • Private parts should not be leaking of any kind of green or white mucus


Other important things to do include:

  • Washing pet bowls

  • Washing their leashes and collars

  • Keep yard free of pet waste

  • Cut and Dremel nails

  • Clean rear end daily with non-toxic wipes

Jess is here to help, but she is not a vet, so if you pet is experiencing any major symptoms, please call your vet immediately.



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